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The last day of the Netflix Streamfest today where Netflix is absolutely free, so remember to make good use of it. And we at popcorn reviewss are here to help you primarily with the new content that is doing the rounds. Yesterday, we gave you the review of Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, today we are giving you the review of Mank directed by David Fincher based on the controversial screenplay writer of one of the classics of all time, Citizen Kane. Now, I have not yet watched Citizen Kane and so I had to do a bit of reading to know the exact controversy. Having said that , is Mank worth your time, stay tuned.

Mank is a biography on the life of Herman Mankiewicz aka Mank who is best known for his original screenplay of Citizen Kane which is an all time classic. He was awarded the Academy Award too for his work. But why is there a controversy? It is because there was a tussle on the credits of the screenplay between him and the film’s director Orson Welles. So there you go – a little trivia to give its story some context. The story is good but the most striking feature is that the film has been shot in monochrome. And so you are automatically transported to that era of the 1930s. But be warned – the screenplay moves at a snail’s pace. It is non hurried and a complete slow burn throughout and never shifts gears. Not that it was an issue for me but most might find it drab and slow. For me, it did take a while to warm up to things but then once I was sucked in, the movie was a treat. The political climate and the impact that it ultimately has on the Hollywood studios is also very well captured. The film heavily relies on dialogues to convey things (which may not cater to all) but the dialogues are good, some one liners are excellent. Director David Fincher has done an excellent job. If you are a fan of his work, you would be well aware of his style of filmmaking. The best part is the way the film has been shot. It was a risk to shoot it in monochrome but as far as I am concerned, the risk has paid off.

There are so many characters here and each one holds their ground. In other words, the performances exude of the old world charm. And at the centre of it is Gary Oldman as Mank in probably his career best along with his role of Churchill in The Darkest Hour. What an acting masterclass!

Mank is a Potential Classic though it may not cater to everyone’s pallette. It is extremely niche but nevertheless an outstanding watch!

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