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Yes, it is a Tuesday and a start of a blockbuster week with a new release almost everyday. So, you will find me and my reviews throughout this week. Speaking on which, The Grand Reveal. If you are reading this, welcome to the brand new site of Popcorn Reviewss. I have been receiving a lot of love and adulation for my reviews and I(along with a couple of my friends) have decided to take this one step further and hope you will love this new experience too. And the site opens with a blockbuster which was eagerly anticipated. I have just finished watching Laxmii on Hotstar VIP which is the official remake of Kanchana, the million dollar question – Is it worth your time, lets begin! 

Laxmii is the story of Asif that gets possessed by a spirit of a transgender. What follows is a rollar coaster of humour and horror. The story is a remake of Kanchana and so it has been witnessed earlier. The screenplay is thoroughly entertaining with the right mix of horror and comedy. Some of you may find the first half a little slow, but there are several moments and sequences that will keep you invested. The second half adds more substance to it. While the humour is intact, it is the emotions(more to do with great performances than writing which I will get to in a moment) that really make the drama standout. On the flip side, the lack of a strong antagonist really dampens the mood to an extent. Just imagine if there was a strong villain, automatically the final showdown would have been an explosion. Sadly, the climax doesn’t really set your pulse racing. But taking nothing away from a thoroughly entertaining screenplay. The dialogues are decently witty. The music is a rage already with Burj Khalifa and Bam Bam Bhole really standing out. So you don’t really mind when the lead pair break into a jig out of nowhere during the proceedings. Director Lawrence Raghavendra has done a good job remaking one of his own works Kanchana. There are flaws along with way but much of them are hidden due to some good performances. 

Most of the performances are loud and over the top but still I would say that they work pretty well. Mir Sarwar as Abdul Chacha is endearing as always and I wish he gets meatier roles also for the talent that he possesses. Prachee Shah is decent in her role of MLA’s wife. Tarun Arora as MLA Girja should have been intimidating and evoked that fear in you, sadly the writing is such that he has very little to do. Rajesh Sharma as Sachin has his moments to shine. Manurishi Chadha as Deepak has a knack of tickling the funny bone and he does so successfully here. Ayesha Raza as Ratna is also excellent here. Ashwini Kalsekar as Ashwini, she may have been asked to be over the top but the skill that she possesses, she makes you laugh each time she is onscreen. Kiara Advani as Rashmi looks stunning and has done a good job too. Sharad Kelkar (not revealing anything about his character) is outstanding in his 30 minute cameo and the best actor by far. It is his cameo that adds substance and relevance to the drama which could have been left at being frivolous. Akshay Kumar as Asif is outstanding in a bold character. His body language, his mannerisms are all on point and we all know that his comic timing is and always has been impeccable. 

Despite its flaws, Laxmii is a good mix of horror and comedy and overall thoroughly entertaining. It has the ability to freshen your mood after a long tiring day. A great way to start the week and our new journey with Popcorn Reviewss! Available on Hotstar VIP.

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