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Krishna And His Leela

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There are some movies that you watch for its story, there are some that you just go in blind without any remote idea about the movie and there are some that you watch for its star cast. And I did watch Krishna and his Leela exactly for the latter one. If you are wondering for whom, it is for Shraddha Srinath whom I rate highly as an actress. I have adored her work in U-turn and Vikram Vedha and really wish to see more of her! Plus, she is my celebrity crush🙈. So then my unbiased opinion on the movie, is it worth your time…lets dig in!

Krishna and his Leela is the story of Krishna who finds himself dating two women at the same time rather unassumingly, while the each woman does not know about his ‘other’ relationship. The story promises to be alot of fun and chaotic. The screenplay is breezy and frothy for most parts and it is fun to see the dynamics of the main lead with the other characters. Some portions are funny too but on the downside a few scenes are repetitive and a tad boring(particularly in the second hour). The dialogues are pretty good. Director Ravikanth Perepu has done a swell job in extracting the humour though a crisper editing in the second hour could have cut out the extra flab!

The performances keep you invested. Seerat Kapoor as Ruksaar looks pretty and has some interesting sequences with the main lead. Shalini Vadnikatti as Radha is such a natural onscreen and has some amazing screen presence. Looking forward to watching her in her future endeavors. Shraddha Srinath, the lady I was here for, does an excellent job as Sathya. Her character traits are being independent, fierceless yet caring, and she portrays it to the T. Siddu Jonnalagadda as Krishna has also done a phenomenal job! His comic timing is impeccable and contributes to many funny moments amidst the chaos while he is hustling between the two ladies.

Krishna and his Leela is a breezy and a light hearted watch coupled with alot of humour, an ideal movie for a Sunday afternoon. Available on Netflix!

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