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Ok, so I have been on a roll reviewing quite a few Hindi movies this week. Lets get back to some of the regional content shall we? Starting with this, Kappela, A Malayalam film that was released on Netflix this week. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Kappela is the story of Jesse who falls in love with Vishnu, an auto rickshaw driver whom she has never met. What happens next? I have often said, the simplest of premises make for compelling stories. And it applies here too. The story is sweet and simple . The screenplay is something that always amazes me when it comes to Movies from South India simply because they do not just stick to this one genre. While the first half deals with some old school romance, at the halfway mark, there is a major twist as the film enters a bit of a thriller mode. And the twists keep on coming in the second hour, where you do question the motive of the filmmakers and you are often confused as to where this is heading. This eventually culminates into an end which flips the movie on its head. And it did seem forced to me, but when I decided to revisit a few of the events, it wasn’t. The thread was maintained throughout and it was my judgment that was wrong! The dialogues are good and so is the BGM. Director Muhammed Musthafa has to be applauded for his storytelling style. This particular drama required a certain amount of skills to not give out the ending, and boy does he deliver!

The performances once again take your breathe away and in the interest of the film will keep their identities intact! Tanvi Ram looks very pretty and has some amazing screen presence. Sreenath Bhasi is the(you may have seen him in Trance, recommended) character that shifts gears in the movie midway, and the motives of his character keep you guessing till the end! And he is simply outstanding! You may have seen Anna Ben in Helen where she gave a towering performance. Here again, she scores as a girl who is innocent and naïve. Roshan Matthew who was last seen in Choked, is such a fine actor with a towering presence. He is charming, endearing yet there is more to it than what meets the eye!

Kappela is another winner from the Malayalam film industry and totally worth your time! Available on Netflix and highly Recommended!

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