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It has been days since I reviewed the short movie ‘Devi’ and the impact that it had on me(and all of us). And that is when I had mentioned that time and again I will be reviewing a short films just to spread their awareness. And this week, I came across this short film, Ghar Ki Murgi, which had released on Women’s Day. And even though I am a week late, I will be giving my views on this anyway. So is it worth your time, stay tuned to find out!

Ghar Ki Murgi is a story of a middle class housewife who as a part of her daily chores almost single handedly manages the house. This until she decides to go on a short holiday. The story is quite relevant and quite well penned. The screenplay is nicely written too. There are lighter moments throughout and also it does well to highlight how deep our patriarchy is seeped in the society. Again I might be a culprit here too(forgetting things and relying on mom to find it, throwing tantrums at times). Yes, we have all been there and need such stories to reflect on ourselves. However, the writing tapers off in the last 5 minutes. The message could have been subtle instead of double highlighting it. Just a little let down at the end for me. The dialogues are relatable. Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari(after Panga) has done a good job once again here.

Anurag Arora is quite a natural. Mahi Burmen, Kabir Khanna, Kavita Bhatia all have their moments. But it is Sakshi Tanwar who once again shows her acting chops by internalising her performance. The end result is just what was called for at the end of the day!

Overall, Ghar Ki Murgi is an ode to women homemakers. It definitely deserves to be watched. So what if women’s day is over, everyday can be women’s day, everyday IS women’s day😊. Available on Youtube and on the Sony Liv app!

PS : Do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble the women of your house man!

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