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Recent I had asked one of my friends, it is tough being a girl right? And she was like, Ofcourse! You have to be mentally very strong. That single line showcased the angst that almost all girls must be going through especially during the formative years while growing up. So for the 2nd review on Sunday, I decided to review the Kannada movie, Gantumoote based on a similar subject. Is it worth your time, lets find out.

Set in the 90s, Gantumoote traces the journey of a young teenage girl right from experiencing her first crush, to secretly blushing while seeing her crush, to her first touch and the problems which any girl would go through at her age. The story is simple yet poignant. As they say a few childhood scars stay on and just do not heal even after you have grown old! The screenplay is so well written with the writer forces you to think through the prism of the teenage girl. Some incidents are relatable especially being on ‘the other side’ while a few left me pondering about the what ifs. The story takes a dark and depressing turn at the end and I feel this is where the movie does slip a bit, or was it just me not wanting to witness such an ending, I am not sure. Probably, that is life and it does get complicated as we grow. Imagine how simple our life was way back in school and the problems back then wern’t exactly problems until when life hit us! Read that again! Also, my heart goes out to the girls for dealing with such problems and emerging the mentally stronger of the two sexes(you will understand this line after watching the movie). The dialogues are simple and yet impactful. The music is good. Director Roopa Rao has been sensitive dealing with the subject and her direction is spot on.

The performances of everyone is outstanding but the story revolves mainly around two principal characters. Nischith Korodi as Madhu has done fabulous job. So many pulses of his character are relatable that the conflict which he goes through can literally be felt by the viewers. Teju Belawadi as Meera looks so cute and she literally lives each beat of her character. Her blush, her insecurities, her problems are internalised and enacted so well by her!

Gantumoote(meaning Baggage) is an excellent watch and deserves to be watched by all youngsters. The scenes are raw, real and unapologetic yet heart warming, I can’t remember the last time an Indian Movie being so bold with the execution featuring teenagers. Another green tick from the Kannada Industry and well worth your time. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Highly Recommended!

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