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Something terrible has happened last night, so much so that it is almost disheartening for me to put up a review today. After much deliberation I decided to go ahead. As they say the show must go on and with the start of another big weekend with multiple film releases, there is no time to rest or waste. So I have finished watching the first of the new releases Darbaan (2020 Hindi movie) on Zee5 which promised to be an emotional tale of a loyal guard. Is it worth your time to invest, stay tuned.

Based on a short story penned by Rabindranath Tagore, Darbaan is the story of a loyal guard of a bungalow and the relationship that he shares with the little child. Now if you are familiar with the story or have watched Stories by Rabindranath Tagore on Netflix wherein this story titled Wafaadar is your episode 11, then you would know exactly how this story is going to end up. But I still recommend that you give this movie a chance. It is tender and emotional. The screenplay is all heart as you are introduced to the Darbaan and his equations with the people around him, particularly the little child. So much so that it reminded me of my caretaker when I was a child. As years pass, he is reintroduced to the family where a tragedy strikes. The subtle and simple premise has a few gentle twists and turns that will hold your attention. The screenplay will make you laugh and cry, particularly with the way things unfold towards the end. The writing definitely has its heart in the right place. The dialogues, particularly of the narrator Annu Kapoor are excellent and the more you hear those words, the more they hit your heart as you gently soak them and absorb them into your soul. So healing! The music was excellent and a welcome relief from the ones that you have been hearing recently. The VFX stands out like a sore thumb and perhaps the only real drawback. A special mention of the cinematography that captures the essence and vibe of North East so beautifully. Director Bipin Nadkarni has done an excellent job tackling a gentle subject with a lot of heart.

The performances are simply outstanding. Rasika Duggal as Bhuri shines in a cameo. Her glances and stutters really add up well to the chain of events. Flora Saini as Charul is simply brilliant. Though she has a lesser screen time, she delivers a towering act. Hope she gets slightly more meatier roles in the future. Likewise for Sharad Kelkar, fresh after the accolades which he received for his role in Laxmii. He is subtle and nuanced, a hallmark of a great actor. And Sharib Hashmi as Raicharan. The actor just creates magic every time he is onscreen. He is simply brilliant here, a role that required a layered performance, he delivers an act to savour and cherish. What a way for him to wrap up the year!

Darbaan is a soft, gentle, tender and heart warming film that will make you laugh and also shed a tear or two. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended!

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