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Comedy Couple

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So we are very close to the grand weekend with a couple of new releases but none bigger than the much awaited Mirzapur season 2. The euphoria surrounding it is huge and now it is just a couple of days away. But before that Zee5 has come up with a new release called Comedy Couple. Now from the looks of it and from its trailer, this seemed to be just another regular rom-com. But, this is being produced by Yoodlee films which has over a period of time backed content driven cinema. So which way does it sway, lets find out.

Comedy Couple is the story of a couple who are standup comedians and are in a live in relationship. How their relationship stands the test of time is what forms the rest of the story. The story is not very novel but the element of standup comic adds a layer of freshness to it. The screenplay is an interesting case. It is patchy(in parts) and brilliant at the same time. The first half is all vanilla with a few jokes that land instead of a handful, but it is a good part of the second half that is excellent and topical(and if you are touchy you will just hate it). The humour is fresh and this is where the film finds its feet. But it slips at the end with the makers opting for a slightly dramatic end. Probably, a fun and frothy end would have been a better option perhaps? We will never know! Now, a quick point here – I didn’t mind the first half too. This is because I treated it like a drama and hence I wasn’t disappointed. So, the screenplay is breezy for most parts! The dialogues are good but I wished some of the standup pieces had a little more humour (as only drama would not have saved it anyway). The music is excellent and so is the BGM. Director Nichiket Samant does a good job with the direction, I really didn’t have much to complain except for the last 15-20 minutes.

The performances are just excellent. Aadar Malik as Rohan is hilarious and his character is really interesting, I hoped he had more screen time. Subha Rajput as Aditi has great screen presence in again a slightly underwritten character which could have been explored a little more. Pooja Bedi as Zoya’s mother is good. Jasmeet Singh Bhatia as Timmy is outstanding and his comic timing is on point. Pranay Manchanda as Sidhu is the find of the movie for me. He is so so good here. Rajesh Tailang as Deep’s father really puts up a show especially in the second hour! Impeccable comic timing! The show though belongs to the comedy couple Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem and their infectious chemistry together. Saqib as Deep is a relatable character, an average Joe and played to the T by him. You can clearly make out that Saqib is in good form here with two different roles in a month(last seen in Crackdown) and both played well! And Shweta as Zoya, she is in the purpliest patch of her career. As many as four releases in the last month and she has nailed down every role. She is so natural here that she commands your attention!

Comedy couple is a light and breezy watch. It deserves to be watched for its performances and for the infectious chemistry by its lead pair. Another winner coming from Yoodlee films. Available on Zee5.

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