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We are a part of a generation that are very conscious about their appearance. And a lot is attributed to the social media and the number of likes/hearts associated with it. Before I get to my review, let me address the elephant in the room. I was in my early twenties when I started losing hair. It did make me extremely uncomfortable, not to mention low on self confidence. I was also made to realise it by some people, also laughed upon by a few(if any of you are reading this, I don’t give two f***s about it now)! It was very hard for me and it was only until recently when I decided to accept myself the way I am(and focus on other things that were in my control😊). This week’s release, Bala, tackles a similar subject. Although embroiled in its share of controversies, I was still looking forward to watching it. Was it a hair raising experience…lets find out!

Bala is a story of a person in his mid twenties suffering from premature balding. The story is quite relevant and novel(although we did witness Ujda Chaman on a similar subject last week). The screenplay is cleverly written in the first hour. The second hour begins on a slow note and is a bit wobbly for the first 20 minutes after which the movie just takes off to a different level altogether! Excellent writing and no clichés! The dialogues are hilarious and tickle your funny bone! The music is good and goes well with the mood of the proceedings. Director Amar Kaushik who last directed the excellent ‘Stree’, continues his purple patch. Tackling such a sensitive subject(and also handpicking a few other issues) can be tough, but he just nails it and how!

Seema Pahwa is outstanding, Saurabh Shukla first rate. Abhishek Banerjee and Jaaved Jaafri have their moments and they shine through it! Yami Gautam(also playing a spoof of herself by endorsing a fairness cream) is probably the surprise package of this film and perhaps her best performance till date! Bhumi Pednekar is awesome(although her dark toned makeup was a major distraction, another makeup downer after Saand Ki Aankh). But it is that man, Ayushmann Khurana, who once again hits the nail on his (bald) head. The flag bearer of sorts, he has now successfully created a genre for himself! More power to you!

Bala is an excellent watch and just the kind of feel good movie that I personally needed after a rather negative week. A word to all of you- it doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, bald, dark skinned, fair skinned, short, tall…just love yourself and let the world go to hell! What matters the most is the person that you are and not any outward beauty! If you think your partner has left you because of your outer beauty, then just so you know that the right one will stay! Go watch Bala in a theatre near you for it is this Bala that we actually need rather than the one from Houseful 4!

PS : Khudko Badalna Kyun Hai, Jao Nahi Badalta. 

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