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Shivaji Surathkal

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With not many new releases this week, I have had the opportunity to put on my scouting hat and discover new movies which would be great watches(or not). So I had picked a Kannada whodunnit, Shivaji Surathkal. Yes, whodunnit is one of my favorite genres and it really keeps your mind ticking just the way I like it. Does this film keep up with this tradition, stay tuned. 

Shivaji Surathkal is (once again) a whodunnit about a murder at a resort under mysterious circumstances. But what makes the story special is it has a psychological angle as well as a supernatural element in it that really keeps the viewers engaged. The screenplay is quite well written. It was almost like reading an Agatha Christie novel filled with various twists and turns. And there is a thing about movies down South. They try to pack in as many genres as they can in a narrative and successfully so. Here, the murder mystery has shades of horror and psychological thriller along with a bit of drama. Also, another startling feature of movies down South is that they pick two supposedly unrelated events and tie them together seamlessly at the end. Brilliant! Also, the way the scenes of the past and present are shot is outstanding. The layered screenplay is twisted and an absolute treat for fans of the genre. And the big reveal is a good one too! The dialogues are primarily aimed at the masses. Director Akash Srivatsa has done a phenomenal job. This was a convoluted screenplay yet he was always in full control of the proceedings! 

Vinay Gowda as Roshan is pretty good. Aarohi Narayan as Anjali has great screen presence and she does stand out in the crowd. Radhika Narayan as Janani looks pretty and shines in a cameo. Sukanya Girish(will not reveal her character name) is quite convincing. Amita Ranganath and Namrata Surrendranath have their moments to shine. Raaghu Raamanakoppa as Govindu stands his own. Ramesh Aravind in the title role is outstanding. His role has many shades and layers and he has done an excellent job. All other actors have done a decent job. 

Shivaji Surathkal is an intelligent and outstanding murder mystery. It will keep you hooked and booked! Available on Zee5 and Highly Highly Recommended! 

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