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Onto the final release of the weekend and I still have two more releases to cover which I will do so over the weekdays. But for now I have finished watching the new Hindi series Bestseller on Amazon Prime. Its name itself was intriguing and it promised to be an engaging thriller. It also starred Mithun Chakraborty returning after quite some time whom I was really looking forward to watching onscreen. So then does Bestseller live upto its tag, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

An official adaptation of the 2015 novel The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian, Bestseller follows the story of a novelist suffering from a writer’s block who meets a budding writer. But nothing is what it seems. The story is quite a routine revenge story which is very predictable although moderately engaging. The screenplay is also predictable and lacks depth. It starts off on a good note with an interesting setup as it tries to create a world with some interesting characters with equally interesting dynamics. But once the thriller element begins, it becomes all too predictable. I wouldn’t say it isn’t engaging but one of the main drawbacks has to be the writing here. Probably holding a card or two only to reveal it towards the back end of the series would have helped. But the cat is out of the bag by the end of episode 4 which kind of lessens its impact. The twists and turns are predictable although moderately interesting and they help you keep afloat. The drama ends on a not so high moment where it tries to be more clever than it actually is. So quite a predictable screenplay this, probably the biggest drawback of the show. The positive though is that the show stands at 8 episodes of roughly 35 minutes each which made for an easy binge watch.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decent and they manage to hold your attention. The BGM is pulsating and definitely makes a notable contribution to a scene. The cinematography and the colour grading are good, the editing could have been better. Director Mukul Abhyankar has done a good job although the writing limits his abilities here.


The performances save the day to an extent. Rajesh Jais as Ravindra Jaisingh and Chandana Sharma as Sudha shine in cameos. Lalita Amrutkar as Savita and Vaishnavi Karmarkar as Shalu are impressive in their respective roles. Suchitra Pillai as Sukanya is first rate as usual. Viraj Patel as Sanjay is pretty good. Sonalee Kulkarni as Urmila Ranade is brilliant and such a natural onscreen. Satyajeet Dubey as Parth is aptly cast and he oozes of innocence which is sinister in many ways. Good job done. I have always maintained that Gauahar Khan is a very underrated actor. And it just pleases me when filmmakers now are realising her potential as an actor. She is wonderfully restrained and does a tremendous job here. Arjan Bajwa as Tahir is equally brilliant and again he never tries to go overboard. Mithun Chakraborty as Lokesh is a delight to watch and he holds the proceedings together even when the slide is on. Shruti Haasan as Meetu is quite outstanding here and the surprise package for me. There was an ease to her performance which was a welcome addition to her acting armoury.


Bestseller is a predictable thriller with some good performances. The irony here lies in the ‘writing’ of a show which is titled ‘Bestseller’. Available on Amazon Prime.

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